Thursday, August 7, 2008

Women On Top--Us Girls Just Wanna Have...

Fun? Sex? Tickets to the three day outdoor concert in Golden Gate Park? Whatever it is, it ISN'T the house with the white picket fence. At least not in this city.

The woman of today's San Francisco is redefining the rules. We are not demure, we do not wait around, and we do not mind making the first move.

Now I am using the "Royal We" here as I am still on datus hiatus. No men on record but I have been eating a lot of chocolate. My girlfriends, however, having been doing more than their fair share of rule defining legwork.

Mazz (formally Mimi--she hated this online name) first called the traditional men and women roles into question. Maz, after six or so dates, decided that the normal after dinner make out session was ready to go one step further. She decided to take matters into her own hands, looked coyly into her datee's eyes and suggested the bedroom. Her datee's response? "Well I think we should wait. You mean too much too me." What?!

LZ, another girl had a similar response---"Honestly I really want this to be special.....we have all the time in the world." Special? Why?!

And now Alexis had to deal with the same situation. After being dropped off home after another fun filled amazing date (number 12 it seemed) she invited datee upstairs. It was three am, so really how could he refuse? His response? 'Ummm....I think I'll drive home." Drive home??!

What is happening? It's not like these men are uninterested...all the requests for follow on dates still happen...they are more twitterpated than Bambi in Springtime.

Why do women want to be more casual then men? After some stealth polling I discovered that many men are intimidated by the new women of today and are even more protective of their fragile ego.

"Women choose the restaurants now..they are more plugged in," said one discouraged male.

"My girlfriend makes more money then me. It's cool. I guess..."

"This girl is top notch! I have to ace everything tonight or I am out."

Are men turning down the bedroom because their #1 safe place is now also in jeopardy? Are they afraid of not meeting the alpha female's needs?
Do they feel like they are the ones that could be potentially used?

A very interesting turn of events indeed. I wonder what type of category these men fall into? They can't all be the sensitive ponytail type. Likely not the arrogant wealthy dot -commer triathlete either...but who knows, perhaps they will fall too. And that would be one huge victory for womankind.

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