Tuesday, July 22, 2008

It's Raining Men and I am Drowning

So as it turns out the mysterious Herbalist/snowboarder/poker player from last week’s post also put a yes by my name. We are meeting tomorrow for coffee. Perfectly coordinated in-between my triathlon swim practice and a group happy hour. Sports, Dates and Drinking. Seems like a wonderfully San Franciscan balanced day but I am second-guessing this whole thing (the dating thing, certainly not the happy hour thing). I had no idea that jumping into dating would be so exhausting. There is a hurricane of single men out there and I do not even have time to sort through them and breathe. I must have a classified ad taped to my forehead as everyone is aware of my new single status. In addition to the Speed Dating fiasco and two dates last week, TWO different (married) friends have approached me about setting me up with someone they deem….equally um “single”. Does ‘single’ mean ‘desperate’ in the eyes of the coupled? “Oh George would be PERFECT for you…..he really is looking to meet someone special….he’s great...let’s see, I would say he is funny, tall…has most of his hair…..he likes the color blue….oh and he is on a champion kickball team!” They smile and give me that knowing “he could be the one” smile. Ack.

Why do married/committed people always feel a need to do that? Do we single people really seem that lonely on our own that we will take any kickball player with hair that comes our way?

My dear friends “Mazz” and “Alexis” (The A in Alexis for type A) told me that I am getting flustered and overwhelmed and need a break. Break? Aren’t I just getting started? I always thought dating was a numbers game…..and the more you got out there the better the chance of success. Success to me right now is easy—just meeting someone I actually like and can visualize kissing (or better yet naked) without losing my dinner. But perhaps Mazz and A were right. Maybe it’s better to not force it, focus on my training plan, and just enjoy the summer with friends. Being patience pays off…so okay…no more forced dating, set ups, or anything that seems to be as tiring as triathlon training. Well after my coffee date tomorrow that is.

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